Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super Happy Mail Day!

When living in a relatively small town in Maine it is necessary to fulfill my Toy world needs via the internet and stores with an online presence. It is equally important to avoid paying exorbitant shipping charges. At most of the larger online art toy stores this means spending $100 in order to receive free shipping.

While I could easily spend that much and more every week and still not be sated, the reality of my cash flow makes being frugal considerably more prudent. I waited very patiently for a very long time until there was $100 worth of stuff that I had to have. I will do a quick rundown...

Clutter Magazine - What is there to say? Necessary.

Tokidoki zipper pulls. I love zipper pulls and there isn't too much variety out there so these are welcome. They are a little bit more expensive than most zipper pulls but they are bigger too. Let's say I was happy with half of them ;)

Baby Monk by Veggiesomething- Awesome... I was waiting for this to hit the shops.

Munny and Stephan Le Podd - Needed these for customs. They are great of course.

MPH Artist Series Poketo Wallet : Julie West - This one was for my wife and she loved the art but was not too crazy about the wallet. If it had 6 card slots and instead of 3 slots and a coin pocket she would have been much happier.

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